How to know if your WiFi is being stolen? Get it!

There are a couple of simple ways to find out if your WiFi is being used by a neighbor or if the security of your connection has been violated.

According to information lagrané, the simplest way is to see if the light of the router flashes when no one is using it. Disconnect all your devices from the WiFi, and if the light continues to tinkle, that means that the network is sending and receiving data from a device. This test is very homemade and does not solve the problem, but can be unveiled if someone else is connected to your internet.

Both on a PC and on a Mac computer there are ways to find out if others are connected to your network. The next thing you can try is to enter the router directly using your internet browser. Type or in the address bar of your browser and press “enter.”

When prompted for username and password, they usually come pre-set as “admin / admin”, “admin / 1234” or “admin / password”; If one of these does not work, look at the router itself, because they bring a sticker with this data.

When you enter this data, the browser takes you to the home page of the router, where you will see basic and advanced information about the network. It is the administrator area of ​​the device and WiFi. Depending on the model of the router, you will see different dispositions, but they all have a zone called “linked devices” or “connected devices” (if they are in English it will say connected devices, or linked devices, for example).

In this tab you can see if someone, other than your home and trusted devices, is plugged in stealing the internet and making your speed is not so good.

The simplest solution for emptying intruders and strangers your wireless internet is to change the password.

Navigate the page of your router until you find the option “wireless”. There you will find an area called “security options”, and you can have a new password that no one else but your family knows about.

Keep in mind that if you have devices like smart tv’s, chromecasts, laptops, cell phones and others connected, you will have to enter the new key in all these to be reconnected.

If you can not manually change the WiFi, it is advisable to call Antel’s customer service directly, and they will guide you through the process to improve the security of your connection, as your sensitive and private data travels through your network. It is pertinent to have a good safeguard.